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  File Type                                                                                      .APK
App Size                                                                                        4.0 MB
Version                                                                                         1.0.3
Total Downloads                                                                                         1 Million+
Developer(s) SpotifyApks

Showbox is a home-entertainment software that has been developed by Bangalore-based entertainment software services. It offers customers a variety of interactive features. It also enables them to create and play movies.

When using Showbox, you can add music or pictures to the video that will be played on your TV. For example, if you would like to watch a movie on your TV and you are looking for some popular film, then you can browse the web. You can browse through various websites that offer the latest movie. Then you can choose a good film from the list of videos that will be displayed on your screen.

Features Of Showbox

The program comes with a simple menu system that you can use to access the different features available in the software. Several simple buttons can be found on the top side of the Showbox icon. These buttons offer you an easy way to navigate through the entire program. You can add up to five items to the Videos section, and you can store up to five folders on the Photos section.

If you want to go back to a particular step in the steps that you have taken earlier, then you can use the back button. When you are using Showbox, you can easily add audio and text into the video that you want to watch. You can add songs to the movies that you want to watch. If you’re going to add music to the film, then you can use the Play/Pause function.


Video Features

If you are making a video, then you can use the file menu and then open a new video in Showbox. You can also add photos to the video in Showbox. After adding pictures to the video, you can use the Gallery feature.

The Showbox program comes with a WYSIWYG editor that will allow you to edit any part of the video with a single click. The editor will help you to add subtitles to the video easily. If you are making a music video, then you can use the music editor that will let you edit the music in your video with ease.


If you want to take part in an event or a party, then you can take part in extra things with Showbox. This software helps you to add more images, text, and music to your videos. When you add the items, you can drag them as a group or individual article. To add music, you can use the Play/Pause function.

Although Showbox has many features, you can also use it with just one computer and no extra things. When you want to watch your favorite videos, you can access your videos from any location. You don’t need a particular video player because you can watch the videos on your computer.