Mobdro Alternative

Did you ever get a popup saying that Mobdro Premium Kodi is not working? Here is how to fix this problem. Just follow the simple steps below.

How to solve the issue if it occurs with different versions of Mobdro Kodi? The first thing to do is to first shut down your mobile device and then wait for a few minutes. This is to allow your computer to take over and then install the necessary system files. After that it is important to install one of the premium Mobdro alternatives like Mobdro for iPhone, or Mobdro for iPad.

Mobdro iPad App

Mobdro for iPad works well on Mobdro Kodi as it is also a Kodi addon. However, there are two problems associated with using the Mobdro iPad app. One is that in order to use the add-on, you need to have Mac OS X installed, and the second problem is that the built-in iOS support for the Mobdro iPad app is very limited.

Mobdro Premium Kodi

Mobdro Premium Kodi

What about using Mobdro Premium Kodi added to solve this problem? Well, Premium Mobdro Kodi is another great alternative to the Mobdro for iPhone or Mobdro for the iPad app. Unlike the other dobro alternatives, Premium Mobdro Kodi does not require any special downloads or installation steps.

Mobdro Kodi App

Mobdro Premium Kodi

If you are already using the Mobdro Kodi app to control your Mobdro Kodi, it is important to uninstall the old app. After that, all you need to do is to download the Premium Mobdro Kodi addon and then install it.

Mobdro Premium Kodi Problem

Why is Mobdro Premium Kodi not working? Well, the main reason is that it is not compatible with iOS devices. In order to solve this problem, you need to first uninstall the Mobdro premium app.

When you do not have the app installed, simply delete the Mobdro folder from the desktop. When this is done, simply reboot your dobro.

How To Mobdro Kodi

Install the app and connect it to your dobro account. Once the app is loaded, just click on the icon of the Kodi TV box which is on the top right corner of your dobro. The next step is to navigate through the interface and then start using the Mobdro Pro app.

Mobdro Premium Kodi


When you want to use your dobro to control your dobro with the dobro pro-Kodi addon, you should first make sure that your dobro has a built-in WiFi connection. If this is not the case, try to connect your dobro to your PC via ethernet cable.

After that, let your dobro connect to your computer via an Ethernet cable. You can now begin using the Mobdro Pro app. You can start streaming HD videos from the internet or browse through the app’s library.