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Mobdro Smart TV

Mobdro is a paid application that many users would assume to be an ideal choice for smart TV apps. However, after being tested on my LG TV, it seems to be a bit of a letdown.

Some Reason

There are some reasons why Mobdro seems to be less than ideal as a Smart TV app. Many users have suggested that Mobdro for iPhone is of poor quality, while others say the application is useless.

To be honest, I was so disappointed with the app that I was ready to uninstall it. After I did that, I figured that I would try Mobdro Premium and see if it would be any better.

Mobdro Premium

Mobdro Smart TV

Even after installing and using Mobdro Premium, it still does not live up to expectations. It seems to be an inferior app in every way.

It’s difficult to tell just what quality of image is displayed by Mobdro. At times, it’s almost as if the TV itself is the only screen present, which makes me wonder why Mobdro Premium is offered as a free download instead of a premium version.

Mobdro For iPhone

Perhaps the reason that Mobdro for iPhone works at all is because the mobile phone that users use is the same device that users use for accessing Mobdro. While the quality of the image is acceptable, users also report that it’s quite frustrating trying to use Mobdro on their iPhone.


To be fair, the main difference between Mobdro Premium is that Mobdro is not available from a different app store. As such, users who are looking for a better alternative for these apps are encouraged to stick with Mobdro Premium.

Third Party Application

Users who don’t want to bother with the app can use third-party applications instead. Some of these third-party apps also work quite well on the iPhone, such as Mobdro Lite.


Mobdro Smart TV

What’s so surprising about Mobdro Lite is that it’s an actual video streaming app. Even though Mobdro for iPhone has worked with my LG TV, I still like to use Mobdro Lite because it does not slow down the LG TV.

The only reason that I have not upgraded to Mobdro Lite is that it was already available as a free download when I bought Mobdro Premium. I was aware that it was available as a free download, but I thought that I would look at it before deciding whether or not to upgrade to Mobdro Lite.

LG TV Experience

My experience with Mobdro Lite is that it was much easier to get used to than Mobdro. Most users have reported that Mobdro Lite for iPhone works much better than Mobdro for LG TV.

Overall, it’s clear that Mobdro for LG TV is the superior app. Hopefully other users will be able to give Mobdro for iPhone a second thought and pick up Mobdro Premium instead.