MyMobDrp App

The third time I tried to install the MyMobDrp application I got errors in Mobdro. It doesn’t work and the applications seem to be missing. At this point I have a question on what to do next. Any clue?

I downloaded all the files required to install the MyMobDrp app, which was the best app I ever used and which I thought would help me achieve my goal of being able to control my home theater. I took one look at Mobdro and it looked so easy to use! But when I tried to install it, I found out that the installation process was not making any sense to me.

Mobdro Channels

Fullfill the MyMobDrp requirements

The main problem is that it gave me a series of prompts to approve when I tried to install the software to my computer, and this just made me so frustrated. It just didn’t make any sense.

It took me some time to figure out what could be wrong, but it was basically because MyMobDrp had some strange requirements, and these required special instructions from the MyMobDrp developers to install and run on the dobro system. It would be much easier if they would include instructions on their website, but they don’t.

More Function on Paid Version

There are no Mobdro options for the iPhone, no Mobdro shortcuts, or links. This is not a big deal if you are using Mobdro Premium instead, because most of the applications you will find on Mobdro offer similar features. Unfortunately, many dobro alternatives are not as functional as the paid Mobdro version.

Mobdro Instead of Mobdrp

At this point I decided to change my Mobdro subscriptions. Now I use the free Mobdro account instead of the Mobdrp, which is a paid subscription. If I use it a lot, and if I can afford to pay more, then I might consider paying a bit more to get more features like Facebook integration, RSS feeds, and such.

Mobdro Channels

MyMobDro Easy To Use

Since the MyMobDrp application is not available on Mobdro channels, I have to go for the paid version of Mobdro. Now if I want to install it on my iPhone, it will be much easier to use the mobile version because the iPhone is already supported by Mobdrp.

I downloaded a few dobro alternatives and tested them. The MyMobDrp app is very simple and it is the same thing as using Mobdrp. With Mobdrp you can play and pause your music, adjust the volume, and listen to different tracks at the same time.

Free Application Of MyMobDrp

Now the free application doesn’t offer that much. All it does is it plays songs and this is about it. If you need better features than what you get in the free version, you should consider getting a paid version of Mobdrp.

MyMobDrp uses Mobdro channels to store its metadata and it has to be installed in the Mobdrp software to work properly. I don’t know whether it will be possible to install it in the free version of Mobdrp, but it looks like there is no way to do it.

Mobdro Channels

JGML Application

On top of this, now there is a new application called JGML, which offers the same feature that the free version of Mobdrp does, but this is still in the beta testing stage. I guess MyMobDrp is not going to leave us anytime soon.
With all the issues on the Mobdrp website, it seems like Mobdro is not ready to come out of beta mode. I hope this won’t last forever, but it seems like there is no point in waiting. It is just annoying to keep trying to install an application to the Mobdrp system but there is no way to install MyMobDrp or Mobdrp Premium.