Mobdro Alternative Issue – Mobdro RoKi Failed to Run

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently purchased Mobdro Premium, a big player in the World of Mobile Device Emulation. However, after installing and using the Android software, my preferred dobro alternative failed to function properly.

Reviews Of Apps About Mobdro Alternative Issue

Mobdro Alternative Issue

When I bought Premium, I had no idea what to expect. It is a truly newbie-friendly app that allows users to bring their iOS or Android devices with them when they travel.

I also knew nothing about this technology. I had, however, read the reviews of apps like Mobdro RoKi, which I believe to be the best all-around app. So, the purchase made sense to me.

Mobdro Alternative Issue iOS App

Mobdro Alternative Issue

I loaded up Mobdro Premium on my Android and it worked fine. However, when I powered up my iPhone, it showed the error “Device not found”. O.K., I will give it a try.

The first thing I did was to delete the Mobdro iOS app. It was gone, as was the iCloud backup. But, the Android app would not load.

Support Page

Upon clicking on this link, I was taken to a “Support Page” where I was able to access the Mobdro apps on their website. I downloaded Mobdro Gold and I was able to use it to back up my iPhone and use that as my mobile device. The dobro app still didn’t work properly. But, I didn’t lose any data because I backed it up on my computer.

Mobdro RoKi

When I downloaded Mobdro RoKi, the Mobdro app allowed me to download applications that were compatible with the dobro. And, I was able to use the software to backup my iPhone. Now, I can use my dobro apps and use my dobro ROI as my mobile device.